Our friendly staff will accurately coun​t your bags for you!

You do not need to count your own bags.

If they are counted, you must follow the pre count policies. 

Transparent bags only, and quantity of nickels and dimes separate.

Refund is only on ready-to-drink beverage containers. 

Check your receipt to see the deposit paid. 

Dairy/Soy Products are 

NOT accepted.

No deposit is paid on these items. 

NO CAPS on containers!

They take longer to process and could cause injury. 

Please avoid placing recycle bags inside of recycle bags.

Ripping and untying bags slow down the counting/sorting process.

Recycling on a regular basis helps keep wait times shorter.

Large volume customers recycling once a year cause long waits for others.

Don't have time to wait? 

Tag you bag!

Leave it with us, come back once your refund is processed or add it to an account.

Information you may not know about caps...

NO CAPS have been part of the program rules since its inception in 1996. 

There are many reasons why they are not accepted/wanted in the program.

Did you know that HRM doesn't even recycle the caps. They are GARBAGE!

Here's what HRM says about caps:

Why don't we recycle bottle caps?

The most important reason is worker safety. When caps are left on bottles (which are filled with air), then are driven over by heavy equipment, or compressed in the baler, they basically become projectiles that can cause serious injury to staff at the plant.

The second reason is from a marketing perspective. Most bottle caps have an interior liner at the top which is of a different plastic type than the cap itself. This mix of plastics and the likelihood of contamination from food or beverage residue make the cap less desirable in the mixed plastic market.

The third reason is one of practicality. Trying to pick and sort little bottle caps from the processing line from among all the other material would be more than challenging and not worth the effort of the extra resources needed to try.

We can recycle plastic caps and lids as long as they are removed!

Bring us your plastic caps and lids that are 2" in diameter and under for recycling. We are currently accepting them for a pilot project happening in Nova Scotia for water treatment facilities. We have a bin at the door you can add your collection to. 

They may be any household item that has plastic lid/cap eve if it's not a beverage container. (Ketchup, shaving cream)

Thank you for removing and saving your caps for this project!